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These photos (and text) originally appeared on in November, 1997 after Green Day played a free concert in an alley near Dundas & Yonge Streets in Toronto to promote their Nimrod album. They were taken with the original Sony Mavica (my first digital camera) and badly optimized for the web with (I think) JASC Software's Paint Shop Pro (the best digital imaging software I had access to at the time). You can see the original layout for these photos at:
It Isn't Easy Being Green Day (Live in Toronto)

Punk band Green Day played a free show in the back alley behind a Toronto record store on November 19, 1997. The show was anticipated with dread by police and record store personnel because the band trashed a New York Tower Records store the previous week. But the fans came out in droves.

It was a crazy show, with a crowd estimated to be between 2,000 and 4,000 strong. They packed the 16 foot-wide alley to see three musicians play three chords in thirty different ways. The songs were very Green Day and, as always, the trio were obnoxious, sneering and a lot of fun.

All this digital photographer knows is the crowd was huge, rabid and very aggressive. These are some of the photos taken that Wednesday Afternoon. The first one is a splice of two perspectives and not a real photo. Please send your comments to Jeff Haas.

See DAMN from November 20 for the story on the show.

And the band did cause some damage, but news of it didn't come out until the next day. See DAMN from November 21 for more information on what these reckless hoodlum musicians and some of their fans did after the show.


All photos © 1997, Jeffrey Haas

These photos can be reproduced for personal web pages only if you notify Jeff by e-mail, credit the photos properly and insert a link to ChartAttack on your page.